Aronia Viking

This cultivar reaches at maturity a height of 6-8′ tall with equal distribution. It has been selected for its fruits that can be twice the size of regular fruits. The fruits are in blackish purple and very tasty bunches. This cultivar is the most productive. It gives an abundant production up to 5t. per acre.


Product description

Compatible variety :

Harvest type : Mechanical harvesting, self-picking

Harvest size : About : 12 lbs / shrubs

Height : 1.5 à 2 metres

Width : 1.5 à 2 metres

Shrub type : Erect

Description of the fruit : Black fruit of medium size

Fruit flavour :

Fruit weight :

Fruit Length :

Flowering period : May

Harvest time : August / September

Use of the fruit : Transformation, commercial production

Hardiness zones : 3