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Aronia Scotia

The Canada Elderberry is a spectacular shrub, both abundant and decorative. Rapid growth; ripens in autumn. It is a self-pollinating shrub that benefits from being planted with different cultivars. Berries are edible either cooked or dried. The plants are ideal for large commercial operations or for landscaping purposes. Often used as a natural dye and in blended juice production.

This variety produces the sweetest berries, but also the smallest. Black berries with a blueberry flavour. Ripens somewhere betwenn the two other varieties. These shrubs are less upright than the York variety.

Product description

Compatible variety :

Harvest type : Mechanical harvesting

Harvest size : 8.32 gr / 100 fruits

Height :

Width :

Shrub type :

Description of the fruit :

Fruit flavour :

Fruit weight : 8.32 gr / 100 fruits

Fruit Length :

Flowering period :

Harvest time : Mid-season, non-uniform fruit maturity

Use of the fruit : Transformation

Hardiness zones :