Red Mammoth – Raspberry (Rubus …)

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Raspberry Red Mammoth (Red Fruit)

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This variety was introduced by the University of Saskatchewan and is known for its thornless canes.

A stock plant, the Red Mammoth variety is much more resistant to cold than the Boyne variety. Its fruits have an excellent and sweet taste and are easily detached with a diameter of 21.5 mm and a size of 27.5 gr. a record size (one of the most voluminous).

The berries that form are a rich red, super sweet. Because of its high yields, versatile fruit and upright stems without thorns, this variety will be easy to pick.
It is a long season crop with mid to late season harvests. Suitable for the processing market but can also be eaten fresh. Zones 4-8.

Product description


1 gallon, 2½"

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August, Dormancy Jan-April, Futur, June, May

Product description

Compatible variety :

Rendement : U-pick

Harvest size : 1 to 2 liters / plant

Hauteur : High

Largeur :

Bush type : Floricane

Description of the fruit : Very large, the largest, rich red

Fruit Flavor : Super sweet

Fruit Weight : 27.5 gr.

Fruit Length : Almost 1 inch

Flowering period :

Harvest time : Between mid-season and the end of the season

Use of the fruit : Fresh and processing (jams, desserts, pies, jellies etc...)

Hardiness zones : Good hardiness 4-8