Montreal Blue – Grape vine (Vitis x St. Teresa)

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Table grape vine  Montreal Blue

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The Montreal Blue variety also called St-Teresa produces large bunches of very hardy and mostly seedless purple grapes (one or two occasional seeds are uncovered) with a very good sweet taste in early September . Ideal for fresh consumption and juice with a good yield. Flowering is in spring and harvesting at the end of September.

This cold-hardy grape variety over-winters in some of the coldest weather and comes back stronger, longer and ready to produce bunches of bold grapes.

If you see these strong vines in early September, you can’t help but notice how prolific these plants are.

The vines are vigorous and healthy, unconcerned with our alkaline soils. This is an exceptional selection bred by Elmer Swenson that is very hardy, zone 4 withstanding temperatures of -30 Celsius.

Product description


1 gallon, 3½"

Desired delivery month

August, Dormancy Jan-April, Futur, June, May

Product description

Compatible variety :

Rendement : Manual

Harvest size : Very good

Hauteur : 15-20 feet

Largeur : 3-8 feet

Bush type : Climbing

Description of the fruit : Large bunches of very hardy and mostly seedless purple grapes

Fruit Flavor : Tasty, with a very good sweet taste

Fruit Weight :

Fruit Length :

Flowering period : Spring

Harvest time : End of September

Use of the fruit : Wine, juice, fresh consumption and jelly

Hardiness zones : Zones 4-9