Kay Gray – Grape vine (V. labrusca – V. viparia)

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Table grape vine Kay Gray

* Fiche détaillée à télécharger

Kay Gray bears medium to large (3.5 g), juicy, slightly crisp, tender berries. The relatively non-fragile, slimy skin is white to golden and has a sweet, fruity labrusca flavor.

Swenson describes the ‘Kay Gray’ cluster as small and compact, cylindrical and uniform, usually with a small shoulder. Again according to Swenson, ripening begins unevenly, but is complete at maturity. Cluster weight averages 0.21 lbs (5).

Kay Gray is described as being very vigorous and having a procumbent habit that does not require bunch thinning.

Kay Gray can make a neutral wine for the table or for blending, and in exceptional years, it can have a flowery nose and stand on its own as a varietal wine. It would be preferable to harvest Kay Gray between 16° and 18° Brix, before it is fully ripe (if left to ripen completely, it develops undesirable aromas for winemaking). It is important to avoid oxidation during the transformation of the fruit into wine.

The harvest season varies from late August to mid-September depending on the region.

Kay Gray’ is very hardy and generally seems to suffer little damage at winter temperatures down to -35° F. At extreme temperatures, such as -40° F, ‘Kay Gray’ has suffered damage at some sites, but not at others.

Use: Table grapes, wine and juice.

Product description


1 gallon, 3½"

Month available

August, Dormancy Jan-April, Futur, June, May

Product description

Compatible variety :

Rendement : Manual

Harvest size : Average yield

Hauteur :

Largeur :

Bush type : Climbing

Description of the fruit : White grape variety, small and compact cluster, cylindrical and uniform, usually with a small shoulder, medium to large berries (3.5 g)

Fruit Flavor : Juicy berries, a sweet and fruity flavor of labrusca, slightly crunchy and tender

Fruit Weight : The weight of the clusters is on average 0.21 lb (5) and the berry 3.5 gr.

Fruit Length :

Flowering period : Mid-June

Harvest time : Late August to mid-September

Use of the fruit : Table grapes, wine and juice

Hardiness zones : 4a