Jahn’s prairie




This shrub grows to 1.5 m high with medium green leaves. It is hardy, highly productive, and bears sweet, acidulous, tasty berries that go from light green to pinkish-red in july. These can be eaten fresh or made into jellies. The plant prefers full sun or light shade in a Zone 3 environment. The red variety is more acidulous than the white, and is therefore more likely to be used in recipes like jellies, jams, pastries, and syrups.

Jahn’s Prairie

Yields delicious large globular dark-red berries of good quality. Spiniferous mid-season variety that is highly resistant to diseases, destructive insects and frost. Ideal for use in desserts.

Product description

Compatible variety :

Harvest type :

Harvest size :

Height : 1.5 metres

Width :

Shrub type : with thorns

Description of the fruit : large fruits, globular dark red

Fruit flavour :

Fruit weight :

Fruit Length :

Flowering period :

Harvest time : mid-season

Use of the fruit : transformation, fresh consumption

Hardiness zones : 3