Jahn’s Prairie – Gooseberry

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Gooseberry Jahn’s Prairie – (Ribes oxyacanthoides)

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Jahn’s Prairie produces delicious, large, globular, reddish-pink quality fruit. The fruit is harvested in mid to late July.


A mid-season variety, this thorny shrub has a more upright habit than some gooseberry varieties and gives higher yields.


Jahn’s Prairie is very resistant to disease (blight and gray mold), insect pests and frost.


Jahns Prairie is an excellent trouble-free cultivar for any growing application. This cold hardy plant, selected in Canada from the wild, grows in hardiness zones 3-8.


For optimum yield and easy harvest, gooseberries are best grown on a simple trellis.


The fruit is excellent eaten fresh or made into a dessert.




Generalities Gooseberries


Gooseberries are nutritious berries that offer many health benefits. The fruits are large and globular, with translucent skin that gives them a jewel-like appearance.

The European and American varieties – Ribes uva-crispa and Ribes hirtellum, respectively – are the most common types. Both are closely related to black, red and white currants.

Currant fruits are small, weighing about 0.1 to 0.2 ounces (3 to 6 grams) each. They vary in color and can be green, yellow-white, pink, red or dark purple. Their flavor ranges from tart to sweet.

Gooseberries are edible and can be eaten as is, or used as an ingredient in desserts, such as pies. Early pickings are usually tart and best suited for culinary use.

They are also used to flavor beverages such as sodas, flavored waters or milk, and can be made into fruit wines and teas. Gooseberries can be preserved as jams, dried fruit or, surprisingly, as a main ingredient in marinades.

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Product description

Compatible variety :

Rendement : Manual

Harvest size : Excellent

Hauteur : 1.3 meter

Largeur : 2.0 meters

Bush type : Upright, thorny plant habit

Description of the fruit : Large, globular fruits of dark red color

Fruit Flavor : Tasty, sweet/tart

Fruit Weight :

Fruit Length :

Flowering period :

Harvest time : Mid to late July

Use of the fruit : Processing and fresh consumption

Hardiness zones : 3-8

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