Sea buckthorn

The sea-buckthorn is a thorny shrub with separate male and female plants able to improve relatively poor surrounding soil. It produces orange berry-like fruit on thorny branches. *The bushes generally produce fruit within three years and reach their maximum production within seven or eight years. Male plants flower between 6 and 12 days earlier than the female. The fruit reaches full maturity within 12 to 15 weeks. The sea-buckthorn is recommended for prevention of soil erosion, as wind-break hedges or livestock enclosures. The fruits may boast 30 times more vitamin C than oranges. It is said to have useful therapeutic properties, and may be used in face creams, for example.

Inya female

This variety’s large orange-red berries, up to 0.9 g, can easily be hand picked. This non-spiniferous (or lightly) plant has strong yield potential, great tasting berries with high oil content. This highly productive variety yields up to 15 tonnes per hectare as early as three years old.