Indigo Yum


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Haskap, a new, appealing culture for North America, is especially adapted for northern zones. Ripe berries have unique flavour, a delicious mix of blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. The powder blue to dark blue, elongated berries grow on a shrub 4-5 feet high when mature. Among the qualities that make it a choice variety for northern climates is its ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures (-47 °C for the shrub and -7 °C for the flowers), and to remain dormant during short-term warm spells during winter. Some cultivars are suitable for mechanical harvest, for larger volumes, which helps to reduce manpower costs. Haskap requires cross-pollination for maximum yields. This is an outstanding variety for you to discover.

Indigo Yum

*Licensed variety*

At 1.29 g this version is slightly smaller than Tundra. Similar in taste to tundra, but a bit tarter. It is faster growing than the other varieties. Very few licensed growers have this variety. The berries are more stretched out than others in this series.