Elliott – Chokeberry

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Elliott Chokeberry – (Aronia Melanocarpa)

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The Elliot shrub is 1 to 2 meters high and 1.50 m wide. The flowering is generous. The single white flowers, 15 mm in diameter, are grouped in corymbs of 6 to 12 flowers. The flowering takes place at the end of May and the beginning of June.


The pisiform fruits are globular or oval and measure from 6 to 8 mm in diameter. They are marked at the top of a depression in the shape of cross. They ripen in August or September. They are dark purple to shiny black in color and fall off soon after.


The results show that Photinia floribunda is well adapted under our conditions and has the potential to produce average yields around 15,000 kg/ha.


*Yields taken from : La culture de l’Aronia au Saguenay Lac-St-Jean de 2005 à 2009, Lac-Saint-Jean (Québec)


Generalities Aronia Mélanocarpa


The aronia is a beautiful shrub native to North America. It produces a dark purple, astringent fruit used for its nutritional values and nutraceutical properties.

In June, the shrub is covered with beautiful white flowers. These are picked by hand or mechanically in September.

In the fall, its leaves turn a blazing red-orange, it is superb.

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Product description

Compatible variety :

Rendement : U-pick, mechanized

Harvest size : 14 000 kg / ha. - 14 lbs / shrub

Hauteur : 1 à 2 meters

Largeur : 1.5 meter

Bush type : Globular habit, diffuse and the branches are erect

Description of the fruit : Dark purple to shiny black globular or oval

Fruit Flavor :

Fruit Weight : Dry and astringent

Fruit Length : 6 to 8.8 mm in diameter

Flowering period : May - early June

Harvest time : August / September

Use of the fruit : Transformation

Hardiness zones : 2b

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