Cupid (Big late)


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Sk Dwarf cherry Cupid (Big Late)

*Licensed variety*

The sk dwarf cherry series produces magnificent fruit shrubs of the morel cherry type, boasting qualities that make it ideal for fruit production. It is dwarf shrub that reaches 2 to 2.5 metres at maturity. It is extremely hardy (-40°Celsius) and produces a large, high quality fruit. Sweet, good-sized berries that are dark red at maturity. Abundant yield, fruit is well adapted to mechanical harvesting. The sk series is the result of a 50-year research project in Canada.

Average yield is 10 600 kg/ha (1 333 plants) Réf : Dwarf cherry (sk) Budget, MAPAQ March 2008

Cupid (Big Late)

Cultivar aimed at the fresh market and equally suited to processing. Average yield, but very large fruit : 6.5 gr. It has a pronounced cherry taste, with well-balanced flavours for fresh consumption. It is the latest to ripen of the cultivars. Its Brix rate at maturity is upwards of 19.

*Also known as “Big late”

Product description

Compatible variety :

Harvest type : Mechanical harvesting, self-picking

Harvest size :

Height : 2 metres

Width : 1.5 metres

Shrub type :

Description of the fruit : Dark red fruit

Fruit flavour : sweet fruit

Fruit weight : 6.5 gr.

Fruit Length :

Flowering period : June

Harvest time : late August to early September (late)

Use of the fruit : Transformation, commercial production, self-picking

Hardiness zones :