Chung Bai (Femelle)



Chung Bai (Female) – Arguta Family

This brand-new variety in the Arguta family is very productive. The fruits are firm and in the form of heart. It is one of the most hardy varieties, with hardiness zone of 4-7. The flavor of the fruit is sweet and slightly tart. Its pollinator is the Meader.


This mini-kiwi can withstand cold temperatures as low as -40 °C. This cultivar produces fruit 3-5 years after planting. The kiwis must be picked before they are ripe as then tend to fall to the ground. They are a little sweeter than non-hardy kiwis. They are delicious fresh, but can also be used in pastries, jams and juices, or as candied fruit. Excellent source of vitamin C and potassium.