Brianna – Grape vine (V. labrusca – V. viparia)

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White grape variety Brianna

* Fiche détaillée à télécharger

The Brianna vine is a beautiful cultivar selected in 1989 as a table grape and in 2001 as a wine grape. It is a cross developed and bred by Mr. Swenson between the Kay Gray x ES 2-12-13 grape variety and then named by Ed Swanson, Cuthills Vineyard, NE in 2002.

Brianna produces large bunches (100-250 gr.) of large, golden green grapes with seeds (4gr.) that have a slightly tropical or pineapple flavor.

This variety produces light and semi-sweet balanced white table wines with grapefruit, tropical and floral characteristics, with a pronounced pineapple nose and flavor when fully ripe.

Brianna is an early, hardy and vigorous grape variety, resistant to temperatures of -35 Celsius and mildew that reaches maturity by mid-September.

Product description


1 gallon, 3½

Month available

August, Dormancy Jan-April, Futur, June, May

Product description

Compatible variety :

Rendement : Manual

Harvest size : 3.5 kg

Hauteur :

Largeur :

Bush type : Climbing

Description of the fruit : Large bunches (100-250 gr.) of large golden green grapes with seeds (4gr.)

Fruit Flavor : A slightly tropical or pineapple taste

Fruit Weight : 4 gr.

Fruit Length :

Flowering period :

Harvest time : Mid-september

Use of the fruit : Wine, juice and fresh as table grapes

Hardiness zones : 4