In vitro culture is the best way to preserve plant life and durability.

Végétolab has been conducting in vitro culture for 20 years, a technique that aims to regenerate healthy plants from plant cells or tissue. The plants grow in a sterile nutrient medium where they are virus- and infection-free.

The plant-life multiplication method allows producing a wide range of plantlets that are identical to the original parent-plants.

Selecting suitable plants for this type of culture is a critical step to guarantee the high-quality varieties customers are looking for.

Végétolab has a highly diverse selection of in vitro plants. The fruit-bearing plants in our collection (see catalogue) are perfectly adapted to northern climates: Haskap, cherry (sour and sand), Saskatoon berry, elderberry, sea buckthorn, grape, kiwi, dwarf and high-bush blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry.

Newly developed in our laboratories is virus- and infection-free music garlic. Végétolab will be able to supply healthy garlic seeds to producers from Quebec and elsewhere.

We also elaborate ornamental plants for special contracts.

Végétolab is ACIA certified for the production of potato plantlets and tubers (custom orders only).