20 years in business

Végétolab will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. Founded in 1998, the company specializes (wholesaler supplier) in the production of berry bushes for northern regions. The company is highly customer-oriented and often invites them to take part in specific courses and demonstrations.


Our mission consists in offering our customers quality plants that can produce high volumes in northern climates. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of our after-sales service. Our products come with a ten-day guarantee after delivery. If our plants do not meet your standards, or encounter physiological problems, we will either replace them or refund you, at our discretion. Our guarantee can even go beyond this commitment (terms and conditions may apply).

Quality plants

Végétolab can provide its customers with top quality in-vitro plants/products that guarantee cultivar conformance. They can either come from hybridizers, our orchards, or custom orders from your own cultivars.

We also produce plants from carefully selected cuttings, based on the stringent performance criteria of our orchards, which guarantee healthy plants. Our seedlings are carefully planted in a greenhouse mycorrhizae growth medium to enhance root growth.

Wide-ranging product selection

Végétolab offers a wide range of rustic berry bushes for cold climates. Our products are available in a variety of formats, and are accurately labelled for orchards, nurseries, and gardening centres.

In addition to our fruit lines, we grow garlic from certified seeds, vitroplants, and nuclear potato tubers, as well as a collection of ITOH peonies, a unique dwarf blueberry cultivar.

Test sites

Our customers are invited to visit our orchards and taste our fresh berries. They can also draw from our experience to better select their cultivars and growth methods. Our orchards are a window on the development of emerging berries for northern regions. We operate over ten hectares of orchards filled with myriad berry varieties. As we are berry producers ourselves, we understand our customers’ needs and rely on our experience to provide assistance.

Long-term agreement

Our customers can benefit from volume rates through long-term agreements, allowing them to purchase large quantities of plants over several years (3-5) at special prices.

Multiplication contracts

Végétolab offers an in-vitro and/or cutting multiplication service for customers wanting to expand specific varieties or special cultivars, with complete customer confidentiality and ownership guarantees. We develop production protocols from these seed plants or hybrids with full protection of ownership rights.

Our involvement in the field of horticulture

Végétolab partners with several organizations in support of producers.

We are proud to be members of:

  • Agro-Boréal (Board member)
  • Camerise Québec
  • Coopérative Petits Fruits Nordiques
  • COPF
  • Cultur’Innov
  • CUMAF du Lac
  • Groupe d’innovation dans la camerise Agrinova
  • L’association des producteurs d’argousier du Québec
  • Nutrinor
  • Ontario Berry Growers association
  • UPA
  • Haskap Canada

We are partners with:

  • FIHOQ, a proud contributor to “Mettez du Jardin dans votre vie” (enliven your life with gardening)
  • Haskap fertilization research project (Agri-innovation)
  • Haskap characterization research project (MAPAQ)
  • Orchard pollination research project (MAPAQ)
  • Certified garlic-seed research project
  • Development of a college certificate program, 12Northern orchard performance

Training and field experiments

Végétolab offers its customers field training in orchards. These training days provide producers with an opportunity to share their queries, ideas, and experience. We currently offer three training courses per year:

Haskap cultivation: Application of orchard techniques (one full day) (spring)

  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Fertilization
  • Tensiometer and irrigation
  • Practical, in orchard, pruning and planting
  • Batch pruning and planting in an orchard environment

Berry bush pruning (one-half day) (fall)

  • Indoor pruning
  • Orchard pruning
  • Orchard planting demonstration

Harvest day (demonstration of various harvester types)

  • Demonstration, in our orchards, of various commercially available harvester types for honeyberries or other emerging berries.

Végétolab is regularly in contact with its customers with regard to relevant training and courses, professional and knowledge development associated with berry production and/or processing.