We prepare the plant potential, it is up to you to cultivate it.

Founded in 1998, our company is specialized in the production of Nordic fruit bushes and plants.



Végétolab offers an in-vitro and/or cutting multiplication service for customers wanting to expand specific vOur mission is to offer our customers quality plants, adapted to the northern climate.


In vitro culture, an art, a passion!

Micropropagation in the laboratory is a natural science at the service of the plant world. Plants living in our facilities are introduced, sanitized, propagated and acclimatized in order to be re-introduced into the client’s culture.

We are proud to be able to maintain and multiply healthy plant banks, thus contributing to the diversity of the Nordic fruit offer.

We also produce plants from cuttings carefully selected for yield and vigor from healthy mother plants.

Our plants, without exception, are carefully planted in a mychorized potting soil mix to promote root system development and thereby strengthen the plant.

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Training and field experiments

Végétolab offers its customers field training in orchards. These training days provide producers with an opportunity to share their queries, ideas, and experience. We currently offer three training courses per year:

Haskap cultivation: Application of orchard techniques (one full day) (spring)

Berry bush pruning (one-half day) (fall)

Harvest day (demonstration of various harvester types)

Végétolab is regularly in contact with its customers with regard to relevant training and courses, professional and knowledge development associated with berry production and/or processing.