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Végétolab inc Végétolab is a leading-edge plant tissue culture laboratory.


In vitro culture

The benefit of this type of cultivation is that it produces (1-1) homogeneous plants that are more productive and attractive, regardless of the time of year.


Product variety

Since Vegetolab's very beginning, we have devoted considerable time and energy to research and development, in order to continually provide new products to our clients. Whether we set our sights on he humble potato, perennial flowers, trees or ornamental shrubs and fruit trees, we continue to introduce new and exciting varieties.


From seed plants or hybrids, Végétolab develops reproduction protocols, while ensuring complete confidentiality. We now offer growers a comprehensive service agreement in order to help them achieve their production goals. We deliver plants in a wide variety of life stages or formats.


Vegetolab's ongoing research and development program enables us to offer a product catalogue that continues to evolve. We had the opportunity to select interesting varieties for harsh winter climates. One of our main objectives when selecting fruit shrubs is to meet the needs of growers who wish to diversify or to launch a new fruit-growing operation.