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Highbush blueberries / Vaccinium corymbosum / Bleuet en corymbe

Compared with the dwarf blueberry that develops shoots, the highbush blueberry is bushy, wich facilitates growing in rows, and the berries are 3 to 5 times larger. Introduced to Quebec in the 1960s, production has expanded rapidly in the past 10 years or so. The USDA developed the hybrids in the first half of the 20th century, through selective breeding of the native dwarf blueberry. It is a spectacular shrub that produces beautiful, large berries, but its hardiness needs to be taken into consideration when ordering.

Common Name: Highbush Blueberries
Latin name: Vaccinium corymbosum L.
Family : Ericaceae
Category : Fruit shrub

When planting Highbush Blueberry bushes, allow 3 to 5 feet between plants, depending on the variety and 8 to 12 feet between rows, depending on the maintenance and harvesting equipment used.

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Characteristics of best varieties for Quebec

Lien de production du bleuet en Corymbe en français
Lien de production du bleuet en Corymbe en Anglais

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May July

Dark blue Produces abundantly

Large firm

    Height      1,2 m
0,75 m

Short Vigorous    x-3

- Canada
Northblue is mid-season variety that produces abundantly. Mid-size hybrid 60-90cm high. Compact, vigorous shrub that produces from 3 to 7 pounds per plant. Good-sized, dark blue berries, with a wild blueberry taste. Recommended for cold climates.

North country

May July

Sky blue Tender and sweet


0,6 m
0,7 m


- Canada
North country is an early variety. Mid-size variety about- 40-50 cm (3 to 4 feet) in height. Produces sweet berries with an average size of 0.8 g per berry. Its abundant yield and wild blueberry taste make it ideally suited to commercial production.


May-June Aug

Med. -dark blue Produces abundantly 

Small, firm delicious

1 m

Short, spreading, Slightly upright



- Canada
Northland is an early to mid-season variety. Semi-upright and vigorous. Very hardy, produces abundantly. Its medium-sized berries are mid-blue in colour. Produces firm, sweet, excellent tasting berries. Good choice for northern regions.


May-June Aug

Medium blue Slightly flattened Produces abundantly 

Large, excellent flavour

    Height      1,5 m
      Width        1,2 m 

Upright abd vigorous





- Canada
Patriote is a vigorous, mid-season variety about 1.5 metres high. Medium-blue, good-sized berries. Its hardiness, high yield and ability to adapt to heavier soil make it a popular choice. Ideally suited to u-pick operations. Berries grow un tight clusters. Excellent taste.