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Végétolab inc Végétolab is a leading-edge plant tissue culture laboratory.




To help our clients optimize the growing potential of propagative fruit stock, with large growing operations, dealing with harsh winter conditions.

Provide after-sale service ensuring the client's full satisfaction.



Vegetolab expertise provides its clients with large volumes of quality cultivars. With our plants, produced in vitro, you are guaranteed true cultivars that originate from committed hybridizers and Vegetolab orchards. We also accept special orders using your own plants as a source.

Vegetolab also produces cuttings of plants in our orchards. The cuttings are carefully selected to ensure peak performance and hardiness, while guaranteeing healthy and productive plants and the origin of the plants.

Vegetolab has a wide range of hardy fruit shrubs, adapted to harsh climates. They are shipped to you in various container formats, with ID tags for plant nurseries and garden centres.

Vegetolab clients can visit our ecological orchards, pick fruit right off the tree, and benefit from our years of experience. Ecocert Canada certified, our orchards will give you a good idea about how your own small fruit orchards will develop. Vegetolab goes one step further.... We are currently lauching an agro-ecological initiative aimed at developing a strategy for protecting orchards using alternative methods to combat any type of predator. (photos à venir. Réf : Audrey Bouchard, GCA Lac-St-Jean Est et M.A.P.A.Q.)

Vegetolab invites its clients to showcase their products on our Website.

Vegetolab belongs to a group dedicated to the marketing of small fruit. Our clients will receive first-hand information on any new developments in national and international marketing strategies.

Végétolab keeps its clients regularly informed about training programs or conferences in the small fruit sector.

Vegetolab, through its membership in the Lake Saint-Jean CUMAF, an agricultural machinery cooperative, keeps its clients regularly updated about any developments in orchard planting equipment, crop protection or fruit picking.

Vegetolab clients benefit from volume rebates through a long-term agreement that enables them to purchase small quantities. Spread your purchases out over 3 to 5 years and still receive a volume discount.  



Végétolab provides agri-breeding services, either in vitro and/or from plant cuttings, to clients interested in breeding special plants or cultivars. Naturally, we guarantee the privacy of the client's property. Using hybrids or seed parents, we develop reproduction protocols, with complete confidentiality.


Creating an orchard

Planning to set up an orchard

If you are planning to set up an orchard using our plants, Vegetolab provides you with experienced professionals to advise you on your project.

We provide the following invaluable services:

  • Drawing up plants for orchard start-ups
  • Advising you about preparing your site for planting
  • Making recommendations on soil improvement and fertilization
  • Planning services are available by appointment with our professionals; this is a chargeable service, but you may qualitfy for an agri-advice subsidy.



Follow-up and recommendations

 We provide business coaching to track the progress of your orchard in order to ward off any diseases, plan effective treatment or fine-tune fertilization, if necessary. Our coaching team is there for you. This service is chargeable, but you may qualify for an agri-advice subsidy.



Turnkey orchard (total or patial)

Are you planning to set up an orchard? Have you considered outsourcing the work? Through a simple turnkey agreement, a team of skilled professionals will do the job for you. 

Audrey Paradis 418-720-0985



Orchard size and maintenance

An orchard is a major investment. A successful operation requires effective marketing strategies. In order to reach your goals, you need to ensure proper orchard size and maintenance.
Call on Audrey Paradis and her team. 

Audrey Paradis 418-720-0985



Planning and creating windbreak hedges and riparian strips

Protecting orchards and boosting their yields, curbing erosion, and improving air and water quality are among the many advantages of planting windbreak hedges and riparian strips.

Two of our partner companies are experts in this type of work.

Mme Audrey Paradis 418-720-0985

M. Dave Gauthier 418-668-8181