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Grapes / Vitis hybrid / Vignes pour vin

This section describes a few of the main wine verieties grown in Quebec. Our harsh climate led local wine growers to search out new vine varieties and introduce interesting new flavours to wine lovers. Why not give them a try?

Common name : Wine grapes 
Latin name : Vitis hybrid
Family : Wine grapes

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White wine varieties :

Adalmiina (ES 6-16-30)
Description This variety is very disease resistant, but winter-hardy to only - 30 F; up to 22 Brix (90 Oe), TA of 0.6 to 1.0% and pH of up to 3.6. Medium-sized clusters of up to 160g, Produces medium-sized, tender grapes that are extremely juicy and sweet. Very vigorous and productive vines. 
Type of vineSimilar to a French Muscadet, ideal accompaniment to sea food. Slightly tannic finish. Full-bodied wine with light floral nose.
Winter hardy–34 ℃


Louise Swenson
DescriptionCross between ES 2-3-17 and Kay Gray. Perhaps the best white wine variety from Minnesota hybridizer Elmer Swenson. High bud fertility. Between short nodes and late bud break. Reliable harvest quality and quantity. Ripens a bit earlier than Seyval. Often criticized for being slow to establish itself and for its low vigour. Thrives only in fertile soil.                                        
Type of vinLight, floral wine, tastes fine in its unadulterated state, but improves when blended with a more full-bodied variety, such as Delisle or Prairie Star.      ,                                                                                                                                                                               
Winter hardy to–36 ℃


Prairie Star
DescriptionOne of the varieties most reistant to Harsh Quebec winters. When ripe, sugar content may attain from 20 to 22 Brix, wich is ideal for white wine production. 
Type of vinNeutral wine with body and finesse. 
Winter hardy to–35 ℃


Osceola Muscat (ES 8-2-43)
DescriptionOsceola Muscat (ES 2/8/43) is a small white Muscat-type grape. Produces numerous small-and medium- sized clusters. The wine samples were aromatic and quite highly rated. Promising variety for short growing season and cold winter zones. Excellent winter hardiness to at least -35F. Ripens in early September at 22 Brix. Moderately vigorous. Promising grapes for short seasons. 
Type of vinExcellent wine, similar to a true Muscat. Small clusters can slow the harvest. Full-bodied, moderate acidity and a long finish. 
Winter hardy to–-35 à -37 ℃


Red wine varieties:

Radisson(ES 5-17)
DescriptionVery reliable, fertile hybrid that produces abundantly. Semi-erect, very easy to grow. Produces very juicy, medium-sized grapes with low acidity. 
Type of vinProduces very good, light, fruity wines.
Winter hardy to–35 ℃


DescriptionThe best red hybrid selected by Elmer Swenson of Minnesota. Easiest to grow, hardy without need of protection. Most tolerant of poorly drained soil. Upright growth habit, quite vigorous, but takes a long time to establish itself ans does not do well in dry or poor soil. Variable shaped, smallish clusters. Ripens early in mid-season with moderate sugars 20 to 22 Brix. 
Type of vinGood colour, tannic, well balanced, cannot be distinguished from a quality variety. 
Winter hardy to 


DescriptionAnother variety selected by Swenson (ES 2-3-21) that has been grown in Quebec for roughly 10 years. Not as disease-resistant as Sabrevois but equally hardy. Drooping habit of growth wich increases manual labour. May be excessively vigorous and require very early bud break. 
Type of vinRobust, fruity wine, slightly acidic, lower in tannins. Excellent Beaujolais Nouveau. 
Winter hardy to–38 ℃